Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Buyfrom?
Buyfrom is a social commerce enabler that helps brands to create their own social commerce platform to recruit affiliate resellers and mobilize them to promote and sell brand’s products and services.

2. My business is ______. Is it suitable for this program?
Generally, medium-to-large scale businesses are suitable for Buyfrom. As a requirement, you would already have at least one product, an offline or online store presence, and a location where the product can be shipped from. If you are still unsure, contact us and our team will reach out to you.

3. Can I choose my own profit sharing scheme?
We respect every business’ policy in profit sharing so the percentage is completely up to you.

4. Do my resellers need to have an inventory of my products and deliver them to buyers?
No, with the Buyfrom model, your resellers will only promote and sell your products through their product referral link. Inventory and delivery are done by your brand.

5. Where can my resellers promote my products?
Buyfrom is a social commerce system, so resellers share your product’s link through various chat platforms and social media platforms, like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, Wechat, Instagram, or personal blog. It is as simple as copying and pasting the referral link.

6. How to start if I don’t have any resellers?
You can put a web banner, install our plug-in on your website, promote on social media to spread the word and highlight the benefits of joining your reseller program. The point is to promote and invite people to sign up through as many channels as possible. 

7. How do people become my resellers?
Joining as a reseller is easy. When prospective resellers click on the joining link, they just have to register using their name, email and contact number. Afterwards, they can start exploring and selling right away.

8. Why should I use Buyfrom instead of other online commerce platforms?
In other online commerce platforms, your products are placed head-to-head with similar products from other brands. With Buyfrom, buyers will only see your products, which lessens the chance of them switching to other products. 

9. I use Shopify/ Woocommerce as my e-commerce platform. Can Buyfrom integrate with these platforms?
Buyfrom reseller interface readily integrates with either Shopify and Woocommerce, meaning resellers can sign up to be affiliate resellers and start selling right from your webstore. However, Brand still needs to login to Buyfrom’s brand dashboard to set up the program, product and pricing.

10. I don’t have a physical store for my brand, can I still use Buyfrom?
Yes. With Buyfrom, we offer both offline redemption of vouchers into products and delivery service straight to your buyers’ doorstep.

11. How do I pay my resellers?
The beauty of Buyfrom is that every process including profit sharing payout is digitalized. Resellers can withdraw their earnings on our app directly to their bank account. This way, the process has less hassle, and you can track your payout with high accuracy.

12. Where do I check my data? 
With our analytics dashboard, you can easily see your total resellers, the transactions they make, the number of resellers they bring, and the profit sharing numbers.
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