Multiply your revenues
with social
commerce platform.

Create your social commerce platform and tempt your customers to sell your products in their network!

Grow your business exponentially through social commerce.

Enroll new members
with a click.
Register resellers and affiliates in your social commerce program with a simple link embedded in your website, emails, SMS’s, and more.
Provide unique social
commerce links.
Let your resellers market your products using their blogs, social media influence, or instant messaging network to attract new customers.
Track social shopping
and rewards.
Monitor member-wise and product-wise sales and commission payouts, in real-time, through a comprehensive dashboard.
Kick-start a virtuous
social commerce cycle.
Initiate an ongoing loop of social commerce where existing resellers can invite new members to become resellers themselves.
Analyze your social
commerce ROI.
Evaluate your social selling program and identify scope for improvements. Report periodic increase in product sales and revenue.

Join the loyalty marketing force driving the world’s biggest brands.

Leverage social commerce and quickly acquire new customers at a fraction of your usual spends.


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Let anyone be a digital affiliate reseller and sell your product or service directly to their friends via a referral link
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